The Norway Day Festival took place May 1-3 2009 in San Francisco.  The 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate) had a booth, which was manned by Bill and Bob Hoffland (sons of Joseph Hoffland) and Tom Graves.  They report that they had a lot of visitors and a lot of interest in the Battalion and its history.  This became clearly evident looking at the visitors we have had on this website.  Immediately after this event, 90 percent of the visitors came from the San Francisco area.  Job well done!!!

After 1945

Text Box: Bill Hoffland, son of Joseph Hoffland at the 99th Battalion Monument at Cooper Hill Ski Area, Tennesee Pass, Colorado, about 7 miles from Camp Hale where the 99ers trained.
Text Box: The 99th Battalion monument in Malmedy, Belgium.  It is located on “Avenue de Norvege” (Norway Street) which is named in honor of the 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate).
Text Box: Red Wells of Company D, together with his daughter and author Sharon Wells Wagner.  Red Wells’ story  and his time with the 99th Battalion is written down in his autobiography “Red Wells—An American Soldier in World War II”, which can be ordered directly from Sharon.  Photo Courtesy:  Sharon Wells Wagner.
Text Box: 99’ers visiting the 1st Army Memorial at Malmedy, Belgium.  
Text Box: Photos from the  2008 Ski-In at Cooper Hill, Colorado.
Text Box: Kari Ploot, Bruce and Gregory Bjorgum with the 99th Monument. During 2008 Ski-In.
Text Box: Robert Bjorgum’s son Bruce holding the 99th flag at Cooper Hill.
Text Box: Harold K. Hanson at the 2003 Memorial Day celebration as depicted in Sioux Falls, Argus Leader Newspaper.
Text Box: Harold K. Hanson and his son Harlan
Text Box: Hadley Jenson pictured in 1994, showing his Citation awarded by Crown Prince Olav in 1945.
Text Box: Harold K. Hanson showing his uniform, Citations and Medals awarded to him during his service.
Text Box: In 2007 representatives of the Norwegian Home Guard (Heimevernet) visited Camp Ripley (MN) where they met with Lt. Col Askegaard.  Photo Courtesy:  Minnesota National Guard.
Text Box: LT Co C, Tom Skattum in Holland July 2008. Tom toured the area where the 99th fought in 1944 with Atoni Pasani from Norway, Bill Hoffland from CA, and Arno Laso from the Netherlands. This picture was taken in front of the monument that Arno was instrumental in helping establish. Inscribed on the monument are the names of members of the 99th who were killed in action during the battle, Sept 15 -20, 1944, as well as all other soldiers attached to the 2nd armored division at that time. 
Text Box: At Sletta, by Bergen in Norway  this monument has been raised to commemorate the 99th Battalion.  The monument is more or less identical to the one at Cooper Hill, except the inscription is in both Norwegian and English.
Text Box: Terry Ploot, friend of the 99th and Hugh Evans of the 10th Mtn Div 
Text Box: Col. Harold D. Hansen, the Commander of the 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate) is laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery outside of Washington DC.  Photo courtesy:  Jarvis Taylor 
Text Box: S. Ron Windh in a 2005 photo. 
Text Box: Bjarne Kvingedal (HQ Company) at his home in Ft. Lauderdale 2009.
Text Box: Two 99’ers reunited after 64 years.  Wilfred Jacobsen (C Co.) and Bjarne Kvingedal (HQ  Co.) 13th Nov 2009
Text Box: Wilfred Jacobsen (C Co) after his first jeep ride in 64 years.  Webmaster on left.